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HourGlass Fitness and Wellness
HourGlass Fitness and Wellness

2016 - New Year. New YOU. New Choices!

Our mission is to empower people to take control of their own health and increase their quality of life by utilizing exercise instruction, nutrition education and lifestyle choices to achieve optimum wellness!  

Spring is the ultimate health & fitness season

We tend to make our health-related resolutions at New Year's, but spring is a natural time for new beginnings.  If your health and fitness resolutions have dissolved, think fresh and start anew with enjoyable outdoor activities fueled by fresh fruit and veggies. 

Few would argue that this is the best time of the year with clear, sunny days that aren't too hot.  If you're like most people, this weather does something to you.  These warm, breezy days are the stuff of lore and legend, that spring fever, that vernal itch.  It's the traditional fuel to spring clean or try new things. 

An awful lot of people feel a real vigor and earnestness about losing weight and getting healthy around New Year's.  But by the time spring has sprung, that New Year's resolution has melted with the winter snows.  So use the spring to get the bounce back into that commitment! 

Let HourGlass Fitness and Wellness support and encourage you with that spring zing - fitness classes, nutrition, fitness and wellness education, FAR infrared sauna and a variety of FREE events.  It's YOUR time to make a positive impact on your health and wellness. There is no need to wait one more day, month, year or decade!  Imagine how great it would feel to wake up with determination each day and go to bed with the satisfaction you are making great strides in improving your health and wellness?  

You know that your health is important to you AND your family. You know you have to make your overall wellness, exercise and nutrition a priority to ever "make it happen" because we all have a million other things we could be doing, right?  Do you want to look and feel better? Do you want more energy?  Do you have a disease process at work in your body or do you want to ensure that you don't?  How strong is your immune system?  How healthy do you want to be on the inside?  How do you want to look on the outside?  Do you want to feel confident and KNOW you are healthy inside and out?  If you are on a Health Journey and these thoughts and questions cross your mind, if you feel you and your family could lose some weight and be healthier, and you are open to learning and ready to make changes, you are on the right website

Located at 507 Main Street in historic downtown Wellsville, HourGlass Fitness and Wellness wants to help bring wellness to Wellsville (and surrounding areas) and is committed to helping you and your family meet your fitness and wellness goals!  



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Upcoming Event:


Wine and Wellness


If you had the opportunity to learn how to:

•   Get the MOST out of LIFE…

•   Achieve and maintain ABUNDANT WELLNESS…

•   Get your KIDS to eat VEGGIES (the healthy ones!)…

•   Reduce your PARENT’s risk of ALZHEIMER’S…

•   Reduce YOUR risk of all SERIOUS DISEASES…

Wouldn’t you want to know how?
Come learn about these important topics!


Thursday, March 31st at 7PM

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HourGlass Fitness and Wellness offers exercise and nutrition education for the entire family. We currently offer Yoga, Strength Training, and Martial Arts Group Classes!  Check the Schedule to see when these classes are offered. For those of you who want more personal attention than what you can receive in a class environment, we also offer one-on-one personal training and wellness counseling.  Or if you have a group of friends with similar fitness goals, we offer small group training sessions.  If you want to check your current fitness level before beginning an exercise program, we offer Fitness Assessments.  Our newest wellness tool is the FAR Infrared Sauna to help you detox your body.  Check out our Other Services page to learn more about these services. 


Your optimal fitness equation looks something like this: 25% exercise + 65% nutrition + 15% lifelstyle choices.  That 25% exercise is NON-negotiable and will help your body get fit and gain the endurance and strength you need to be healthy and optimally well.  But that remaining 75% nutrition piece of the equation will ensure you get the most out of your exercise, obtain and maintain optimum wellness and LOOK and feel the way you want!  So be sure to check out our Nutrition Information and Wellness Aids pages. Here you will find our do- NOT-buy food list, our favorite tips for optimum health and wellness, a list of interesting facts about nutrition and exercise and how you can help prevent and reverse disease in your body, and some simple and useful resources for creating more wellness in your life!  Here is information about my favorite whole food concentrate:

 Did you know that adults need 9-13 servings of produce EVERY day (and even more if you are an athlete or working out hard)?  Did you know that the human body turns over all your red blood cells about every four months?  Juice Plus + ® Provides the nutritional essence of 30 different fruits,
vegetables and berries in a convenient capsule form.

Click here to learn a simple way to get extra nutrition 

Did you know our kids need 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies EVERY day to get the most out of their education and grow to their healthiest potential as adults? That means you and your kids could start to add extra nutrition tomorrow and have a stronger immune system by the holidays when the cold/flu season hits!

  Children between the ages of 4-18 and full-time college students can receive JuicePlus+ Garden & Orchard Blends FREE for up to FOUR years!

HourGlass Fitness and Wellness also offers individual Wellness Counseling by appointment, if you'd like to learn more information specific to YOU to help you meet your goals more quickly! These sessions can help with weight loss and/or health improvement. We also offer group wellness education here at HourGlass Fitness and Wellness throughout the year or we can find a time to bring the education to YOUR group, employer or organization.  You will only attain your optimum energy and physique once you have learned how to combine exercise, nutrition. AND lifestyle choices.  One piece of the equation will not give the results of optimum health and wellness without the others. 

Keep your eye on Upcoming Events for special presentations, lectures, and health-related events. And we can travel to YOU for health and wellness education, too! If you have an organization or group that would benefit from our education, contact us. We are committed to helping your find your optimum health!

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